Susanna Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's elder daughter on their family's life
and how it is reflected in her father's work.

Susanna Shakespeare
"A valuable complement to standard English curriculum."
Created and Performed by Elizabeth H. Robinson
With text by William Shakespeare
Costumes by Sherry Frost

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This, the first in the Susanna Shakespeare series of plays, makes her father's writing accessible by introducing it through a character with similar life experience to a modern teen audience. William Shakespeare left their family to work in another city, only returning many years later. Susanna was brought up in a single parent home
with a sister with whom she didn't get along.

By utilizing this connection Ms. Robinson breaks down the perceived barriers that new listeners to verse speaking can erect.

This first play introduces a variety of plays - some familiar, some slightly less so - inspiring students to explore Shakespeare's work on the page and on the stage.

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